Charles Melton, Nature Photographer. Moths are the under-appreciated, usually nocturnal cousins of butterflies. Jeff Babson’s illustrated talk will focus on the skunks, foxes, and other relatively small mammals placed in the order Carnivora. And of course, there might be a few other types of creatures: Ever wonder how fast a motivated Komodo Dragon can move? He owns Sky Island Tours, an environmental education and eco-tour company.

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October 18, – 7: Inpact 19, – 7: Photo by Priscilla and Hank Brodkin. February 16, – 7: February 28, – 7: Photo by Gail Morris. No other state comes close. The myths and realities of grassland restoration in SE Arizona and its impact on butterflies and caterpillars.

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Amazing Ants in the Sonoran Desert. Jim Verrier, Desert Survivors, Inc. Skip to main content.


Katy Prudic, UA Dept. Join Ken for his stunning photographic examination of butterflies in primary rainforest in the remote and largely unstudied Las Piedras River basin. Charles Melton, Nature Photographer. October 20, – 7: How about a moth that looks like it was spawned in another galaxy???

3/8 in. dr Butterfly Impact Wrench | Princess Auto

Avid birders for most of their lives, they became butterfly enthusiasts ubtterfly Status of Monarch Butterflies Danaus plexippus in Arizona. Moths are the under-appreciated, usually nocturnal cousins of butterflies.

Exquisite Butterflies of Lago Soledad, Peru. Meetings are held at the Lutheran Church of the Foothills on the fourth Tuesday of the month, during September to November, and January through May each year.

March 28, – 7: And whether elephants really do mourn their dead?? This was an opportunity to learn about grassland restoration and its impact on butterflies and caterpillars. Southern California Endemic Butterflies. Larry was born and raised in Iowa. Xenoglossa species, a common nocturnal bee. buttdrfly


Meetings | Southeast Arizona Butterfly Association

Moths of Southern Arizona. Photo by Larry Hutterfly. As in writing any book, Fred learned much about California butterflies and what makes them special.

January 23, – 7: January 24, – 7: September 25, – 7: Jeff is the owner of Sky Island Tours, which features field trips for birds, ubtterfly, dragonflies, and general natural history. February 27, – 7: Join Dick and Pat as they share their images of birds, butterflies, and culture from traveling in Cuba and a remote lodge in Venezuela.