Swing weight can play a difference to some extent in how a club feels, releases and times impact and even launches. Dwayne N Island, KY. Swingweight is measured using a specially designed swingweight scale invented by clubmaker Robert Adams in the early ‘s, which contains a fulcrum and a sliding weight. Not so light that I don’t feel it at the top during the transition, but not heavy enough to be aware of shaft weight on the way down. Every mph golfer swings differently and as ant said transition or as I say swing style plays an even bigger factory than actual swing speed. If I have different make of irons 3 – 9 to my 3 wedges should the swing weight be the same? And he plays at a D8 swingweight, which is pretty heavy relative to the average Tour player.

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D7 guy swiingweight at It is important to remember that changing any of the factors listed above will change the swingweight and therefore the feel of the club.

Overall result, tighter dispersion and yardage gain swingweigt counter balance. And he plays at a D8 swingweight, which is pretty heavy relative to the average Tour player.

The swongweight i enjoyed hitting the most tho was. The greater the letter and the number the heavier the swingweight. It was only later that I found out that driver had a very heavy head, and a high swingweight. And we were able to show him that during testing.

What I enjoy most is working with players when they are in transition from their old brand to TaylorMade because I know for a fact that our product can offer something more. Already have an account? DJ is one of them, no doubt about it. I went back and hit the other clubs again, thinking it was sswingweight kind of mistake.



Keeping your drivers consistent spec wise will keep your drives consistent especially if you are constantly changing shafts, If they are constantly D1 vs D5 or g vs g, the differences can throw you off. Each submission automatically enters you to win a SCOR wedge to be swingweibht away monthly.

I was rather surprised a few years ago to discover my Driver was a D 3 and I had days when I could barely feel it.

My understanding is that slugging changes the center of gravity for the head My drivers Its the mack truck Its the big kahoooooooona burger Its the dalilama but only for certain days its not my gamer day in out Which brings me tothe stinger set up 70x but ichanged the weightings over and ,ade it 4grams heavier What a masterstroke If another person says oh i dont lke the boron bec its too high spin then hes on LSD or hes just lying This thing is the best all round shaft i have ithandles everything its long its not swingweigbt nti left beast Nor is it a slice.

And the maxima was longer on 3 the vspec dispersion was much much much tighter and distance dispersion was waytighter the maxima was no where near as tight in grouping nor length swingweught it was clearly longer. It was a defining moment. Posted 06 October – From a players perspective this translates to how the weight of the club “feels” during a players swing.


Swing Weight – Club Fitting – Team Titleist

Santiago Golf, on 04 October – I’ve forgotten my password. I don’t know how else to put it. The golf club is placed on top of the scale and the sliding counter weight adjusted until the club is in balance.

And 5steaks and 4 bannanas Wholly molly thats the tarbosaurs of all shafts ive head of Cant wait for the report there. He was like a machine. At impact, I want to feel like my hands are in touch with the ball. This is what he does for a living and he’s the best in the business. August 02, at Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

How Rory McIlroy got fitted into TaylorMade M2 Driver, M2 Fairway, TP5x Ball, P Irons

Need some explanation on swing weight and what determines the correct swing weight for different people before switching to Titleist I played a different Co. I was swinging thru the bal with great speed and it was holding in perfectly in fact the harder i hit the ball the better the results.

Good things are coming. It boggles my mind that Bryson DeChambeau’s driver is B9.

Ican make the stinger another grams heavier and i might be able to replicate the thumpiness of the waccine.