OK, so I had a bricked device, how would I unbrick it? Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of For some people that may be a bad thing: One meter strip will cover one side of the rope. I thought about using a BlinkyTape but the small battery would have not been enough for the 60 LEDs, and also the slip ring would have been necessary anyway, making the cost go higher. This chipset is marked as untested.

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Luckily 1 was the case. Artlantis Object Format files are written by Artlantisa closed source 3D modeling and rendering software, the data in them is about 3D scenes camera, lighting, etc. I used a short bolt from outside the handle to hold the slip-ring in place. There are newer firmware versions available on the digitnue, so if I am going to test them it’s better to save the one I have right now.

Teclast X98 Air 3G: The hardware of the first JMP-rope prototype is very simple: Let me know if there is interest for that, in that case I would be more motivated to put some time in that sooner rather than later.

If you have a Gravatar account associated with the e-mail address you provide, it will be used to display your avatar. I think the product has some minor design issues: Reto was the first to start working on that, in the form of acerc11xdrv. Unsolder it with a cheap Hot Air station which I got anywayand replace the chip with a new one found on AliExpress.


I really enjoy art even though I am not much of an artist myself, I am definitely a technologist more of a researcher of technology than a user TBHand I’ve become a sports person too in the latest years, in particular I discovered how jumping rope can be a fun way to do cardioway funnier than playing hamster on the treadmill; and each time I was jumping rope I started thinking about a tech project involving a jump rope. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of Tweeper is a web scraper which extracts the most recent public tweets of a given user from their home page on Twitter.

Reverse engineering is rewarding: Some ext4 filesystems cacheconfigfactorylogssystem.

Digicom S.p.A. – Driver

It’s a device made of a programmable LED strip attached to a jump rope, which can be used with high exposure photography for Light Painting. I thought they had something to do with some chip identification, and in fact by following the mx driver code you can derive that this communication means more or less: The device comes with a Y-cable so it can receive additional power, but even connecting it to an external 5V power source it still wasn’t working.

Leggere da una memoria flash che usa il protocollo SPI. Hacking a USB blood pressure meter. A small momentary push button. This chipset is marked as untested.


BTW, there’s also another lesson learned: But I also wonder whether, on the other hand, reverse engineering might somehow contribute to make closed and undocumented technological objects more tolerable than they should be, by making them more accessible; but I still have to think some more about that, let me know if you have any opinion on this last point. I used the dump also to figure out some details about the hardware: I used a Trinketrelying on wire wrapping to do the needed connections.

Digicom DigiTUNE PRO manual

The flash chip was damaged. There were several scenarios ahead: Two pins and a jumper as the ON switch.

Scrivere su una memoria flash che usa il protocollo SPI. Hacking a USB blood pressure meter.

[linux-dvb] Digicom DigiTune USB2 DVB-T dongle (Twinhan VP-7045?)

The adapter can also be found under these names: Per quanto 4 weeks 3 days ago Ah, thanks for the 8 weeks 14 hours ago Yes it works. Get in touch if you have any ideas about that.

Get and compile flashrom on an x86 host:.