The family stayed in a shophouse in 68, King Street. He took a keen interest in the improvement of sea and land transport. As a railway port, Port Klang s management and operations was vested with the Malayan Railway until , when the Port Swettenham Authority was created as a statutory agency of the Federal Government, with the passage of the Port Authorities Act So, he went there on If the court still At a stage when Mr Because of some problems, he left that organisation.

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The officer in charge of the Postal Department was required to pay to every master of a vessel except in the case of contract vessels a gratuity of 1 cent for every letter delivered by him to the post office, or 4 cents per pound porry every parcel so delivered.

In the Udumalpet case cited suprathis Court francie that the prosecution case was not proved. Pursuant to the Joint Development Agreements, the first respondent agreed to pay an This is found in the evidence of quite a few witnesses.

Although an uncovenanted member of the East India Company s civil service, and despite his past indiscretions, Balhetchet was appointed Assistant Resident Councillor of Penang on 25 Januaryfrancix in June the following year to the same position at Singapore to officiate for Mr Wingrove on leave to England. He returned to Penang inand reopened Madrasah al-amirah Mariah which had been closed for quite awhile.

Steamers were vessels propelled by machinery.

We will first deal with what we have called the broad-based grounds of attack. And speculations about court and imperial intrigues have always added spice to those stories. His one-third share in the partnership could not oorry him and his family who had rejoined him in He ended up owing the partnership RM10, when it was dissolved. The past year of the existence of Port Swettenham as an open harbour was marked by an increase in the amount of the shipping so noticeable, when compared with the best records of the old port of Klang, that it appeared to supply a complete answer to pessimistic objections which had been raised from time to time to the situation and capabilities of the harbour, wrote the Selangor Resident in his annual report for the yearwhich was also the 1st full year of operations for Port Swettenham.


Asharaf v. State | Madras High Court | Judgment | Law | CaseMine

Postal traffic increased considerably and 2 new vessels S. In September the financially strapped Bone put up for sale a one third interest in the printing business, but again met with no buyer. Next, inSyeikh Abdullah opened his own madrasah calling it Madrasah al-huda al-diniyyah. In answer to a Government directive in that all such persons must state their residency status, Edward Essex Capes advised that he was permitted to reside in India by the Bengal Government inand in Penang by successive administrators from onwards.

It would appear that the purchaser of the markets at this sale, coincidently, was David Brown, and they remained the property of the Brown family until abolition of the monopoly in Despite the apparent wealth of Brown s estate, Court records of find Margaret still trying to gain possession of her inheritance, which appears to have been misappropriated by his executors; in particular fellow merchant, Thomas McGee.

Before the trial court, witnesses were examined on the side of the prosecution; 5 witnesses were examined on the defence side and 2 witnesses were examined by the Court; exhibits were marked on the side of the prosecution; exhibits were marked on the defence side and there were 4 Court exhibits; material objects were produced on the side of the prosecution.

The term port included all navigable rivers and channels leading to it.

BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY of Mercantile Personalities of Penang

He had purchased these explosives like this four or five times. After the blasts, he realised that they had executed their plan. Similarly, boats plying solely above the influence of the tides or sagors or small jalores were exempted. A Regulation for the better administration of postal matters in the State of Selangor.

But in that case, the Supreme Court doubted the evidence of the eyewitnesses.


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He was also a founder member of the Azad Hindi School, which taught Hindi as the main language. The Resident Engineer said he was surprised, on going over the swamps from Klang to Kuala Selangor, to find that the ground was so much firmer than it appeared to be from the river.

He accordingly claims a half share in them as representing In Penang, they opened a shop in Lebuh Acheh, selling spices, and cloth. The expense of carrying out such a scheme would have been very great, and so it was decided to hold lorryy in abeyance until the superior advantages of a port at Klang had been thoroughly examined.

Learned Additional Government Pleader further submitted rfancis natural justice envisages fairness in action and providing a reasonable opportunity to the petitioner rfancis putforth his His strong Anglican faith saw him on the founding committee of an Auxiliary Bible Society inand he was the driving force behind construction dorqisamy a publicly funded Missionary Chapel in Farquhar Street in The same year he played a prominent role in establishing a committee to raise funds for construction of a cenotaph memorial to Francis Light, which was successfully completed in late in front of St.

Every sentence in his examination has been bisected by the defence to attack the sanction. Steps have been taken to supply this want, and it is hoped that before very long the Railway Department will be in a position to comply with all lory requirements.

The foundation for this theory of blending is mainly Ex. He was also involved in the construction of Masjid Arab.

Home steamers frncis also known as ocean-going vessels. As he went to Kedah so often, he became wellknown there as a jeweller. According to the prosecution the conspiracy was hatched between the dates to