And I tried to install Windows 7 on it, but everytime I goto install it, the monitor shuts off, and the computer stays on, but the keyboard locks up. I wouldn’t recommend dual video cards in a small cabinet as there might be too much heat. But I’ve left the machine on for 21 days straight, and no problems at all I have a HP y computer. Carefully took the fan out, it did not look dusty, but nevertheless I cleaned it , put the vacuumcleaner on it.

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I’m thinking I want to put a bigger power supply in instead of the watt that’s in there now. Could all of this be because of heat?

Didn’t find what you were looking for? I removed a panel a couple of hours later and switched on the PC. I fg the exact same problem.

Here’s the problem, when the computer is running the the screen goes dark, but the pc continues to run. I’ve given up installing a new OS, and had 9600ggs problem happen to me when I reboot.


GeForce GS Can Run PC Game System Requirements

This sounds like what my computer is doing. Most motherboard don’t have dual PCI-E 16x slots away. After your post, I removed the drive and the PC was working for a while. I then reboot and have issues for 10 minutes getting it to load properally.

gc About a month ago, I had bought a 2TB media drive and had plugged it it for backups. I had a suspicion that it had something to do with the temperature because for a couple of months I heard that a fan was turning very unregularly. So now I’m really thinking it’s the power supply. Yet the video card temp reads C during use of World of Warcraft.

GeForce 9600 GS

Note on archived topics. I took the graphics card out the PC I was not able to remove the heatsink and fan.

Message 3 of I reboot and the same problem again. Also, are all power supply the same, except for how 9600gx they put out?

The Power settings on the PC are: Message 7 of Message 4 of Processors OKbut I saw that the fan of the videocard was not running. If not I use a plastic rod and give the fan a push then it starts turning and keeps turning. Message 10 of Message 5 of I’ve even had it happen in CMOS.


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I have it my mt system watt power supply. I’ve noticed that when I first boot up, the monitor stays on for about 5 minutes then goes off.

So for me the problem has been solved. After using my HP m I play World of Warcraft on this computer, and during play it will just shut down, monitor goes to sleep, computer stays on and is locked up, the sound skips for 5 seconds then goes dead.

Information and links in this thread 9600gss no longer be available or relevant. Very cumbersum I have not checked which new card I couls use but you have to be very careful which type, it has 96000gs fit with your power supply.