If you change the current database using a SQL statement, then this property may reflect the wrong value. The Database property does not update dynamically. The Profile Provider provides an abstraction between these classes and a data source. Make sure you are using the standard version of the driver, and not the debug version. If you have chosen a custom installation, you can select the individual components that you want to install, including the core interface component, supporting documentation a CHM file samples and examples and the source code.

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The following example creates a MySqlConnectionopens it, displays some of its properties, then closes the connection.

This is the same as calling GetSchema without any parameters. Once you have created a rekove string it can be used to open a connection to the MySQL server. To modify an existing table, double-click the node of the table you wish to modify, or right-click this node and choose the Design item from the context menu. For more information about licensing, visit http: However, primary key information will not be included in the implicitly created schema unless the System.

A normal-size double-precision floating-point number. Note that anonymousIdentification has been set to true.

MySQL :: MySQL Reference Manual :: Connector/ODBC Programming

On Unixyou configure DSN entries directly in the odbc. The following error is reported when using transactions: The Profile Provider provides an abstraction between these classes and a data source. This remive already stated in an answer submitted over 2 years ago.


This does not supercede the individual command timeout property on an individual command object. Then, open a terminal, go to the folder containing the file and run: You can select up to three fields for sorting the information returned by the query. If necessary, reove driver modifies an application’s request so that the request conforms to syntax supported by MySQL.

On Mac OS X, –enable-shared builds. In the User field, enter the user name to use for this oebc. You should also ensure that the libmysqlclient library were built and installed as a shared library. This note does not apply to MySQL versions 4. Click each table that you want to importand then click OK. Provides data for the InfoMessage event. Crystal Reports will now read the table definitions and automatically identify the links between the tables.

If the Transaction property is not null and the transaction has already been committed or rolled back, Transaction is set to null.

It is recommended you choose one of these two options to complete the installation. Click the Next button to begin the installation process.


For instructions on how to do this see Section To modify an existing stored routine procedure or functiondouble-click the node of the routine you wish to modify, or right-click this node and choose the Alter Routine command from the context menu. To install this file, copy myodbc3d. Now click Show Session Variable to retrieve and display the session variable.

Forums: [SOLVED] 1st timer – ODBC connect error – Forums

In the example shown, we will report on cities, organized by country, incorporating a count of the number of cities within each country. Note that the set of column flags depends on its data type. Here is a typical odbc. The easiest way to invoke 3.1 editor is by selecting the NewFile menu item from the Visual Studio main menu.

Uninstall and Reinstall the MySQL Connector (ODBC Driver)

Create new Roles as required. This generation logic requires key column information to be present in the DataSet. Support for MySQL 4.