After many years of using these, we have come to this conclusion: Offcanvas Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. It’s always great when you can save someone else a few hours of banging their head against a monitor. I have previously written an Arduino program to control it with a PS3 controller. While trying to get something to work orriginally, I had taken some code lines from this post:

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Also double check with your servo removed. I tried a simple prog like: This was telling me that the SSC was getting the commands. All times are GMT Apologize for my lengthy prologue. After many years of using these, we have come to this conclusion: What servos are you using? The lightweight wrist rotate came with a tiny HSBB micro servo that would strip rather easily and only had 42 oz-in of torque. If it does, use it!

Lynxmotion SSCU USB Servo Controller – RobotShop | Hexapods & Bots | Pinterest | USB and Robot

Shoulder and Elbow Servos: If not double check your jumpers. However, it does only perform linear control due to my poor arduino coding knowledge.


I had assumed this was only if you were using a command promp.

Link to part file coming soon! Double check the voltages at the other two power terminals. But before I did this, I would also check the resistence from power to ground to verify I don’t have a dead short Walking is all about balance.

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Quite wonderfully I must say! However, if you have some Arduino board that perhaps has some advantages over the SSCu such as more memory or processing power, then it would be worthwhile.

My board had short circuit. You don’t need sleep Well I tried everything elsoso I decided to change my command lines to: RobotShop Bluetooth Module link. Written by Chris Hurd on April 17, The numbers in the picture below of the finished bot coincide with the numbers below. When used in this application without the driver installed, it does not wo. You need to understand how to maintain balance in a walking robot first. After Lyxn reported everything was working, it stopped working.


Of course a USB serial dongle doesn’t have this restriction. It also makes the extra weight of the medium duty wrist rotate a moot point.

I also do not allow my students to misuse them in the classroom as well. Can you take some high quality picture of the board, particularly where you have shorted your board?

It is a little bit different, in scs there is now only lnx switch, and it will connect every single time, as long as you follow the right steps. Both the Arduino and the SSC use serial communication.

I have had most of these sinceand the students love working with them, and besides, every group of 2 or 3 students get a robot to use; can you do that with scorbots in your classroom? About Chris About Jim.