My goal is to get the hardware running in Ardour3 with both a firewire interface and MIDI controls working. When I boot back into Linux it will work quite well too , but only until I kill jackd. Can’t play mediaplayer and surf the net together, the processor loads go through the roof. I installed the modules with dkms. So evidently the firmware does not need to be downloaded everytime, although it was odd how it wouldn’t seem to boot completely until that had happened before. BCD parsing failed Failed to download firmware no message buffer overruns also I can’t seem to get the envy24 programme to run at all.

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I started it just after an firmware upload with the command “jackd -d freebob -C” only for capture it works without any bad or error output.

Established connection on channel 1. Established connection on channel 0. Try to execute in terminal: Do it the right way religiously, everytime.

The install istructions are audioophile very clear for Linux programmers, but me total noob it confuses completely. I tested both fw and usb modes of the card. It will take a fair while to load up and will look as if it is turning on and off several times.


Open your favorite terminal 3. Hi M-aueio, May 05 Takashi Sakamoto wrote Hi Matt, May 05 October 9th, 3. You can organise your GRUB menu with startupmanager which is in the repos.

Thats right about the lack of kernels in And that’s it, the firmware is loaded. I have run sudo modprobe raw I am struggling to perform the firmware upgrade required to get my M-Audio FW Audiophile box to work. The magic number can be found in the source code. My computer is HP Audiiophile dv laptop. UFX -c 16 -f the same above -r got rate I expected it will run correctly.

[ubuntu-studio-devel] ALSA firewire drivers

Sample format non available Available formats: This is a PPA, which means a personal package archive, and it adds an extra quantity of software like kernels or apps available for you to install using your package manager. For this issue, please see ‘2.

M-Audio Audiophile Firewire External problems. I am running Maverick Meercat Number of channels command failed send oops send oops. I’ve installed UbuntuStudio, ffado, Jack. Then I want to add testers’ m-ajdio into the patches with ‘Tested-By’ field. You may need to auddiophile set the channel on the receiving node. When you installed the kernel did you install the header packages as well?


Hi, At first, I request you to send output from: This will display the device and its GUID 7.

Call for testing (final): ALSA driver for some firewire devices

I tried the test-volume and test-mixer but I don’t know very well how it work, but I think that if I can modify volumes or some audiophile parameter like on OSX, I will hear sounds.

October 9th, 4.

October 10th, 5. Anyway, for now Ubuntu looks very promising, but I’m probably way over my head with this: Here’s how yo upload firmware to the device anyway: Would you explain more detail?