The maximum volume of both of the mini-speakers, which are integrated above the keyboard, is not very high. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Sadly, we wished that the design aesthetics could have been slightly better, with more consideration towards the physical aspects like the position of the keyboard and the trackpad, but we’re pretty much fine with everything else. Sadly we were not able to get any details about the possible extensions available. No, here in the case of our test model its more interesting to see how effective the “Turbo” button really is. To conclude, the “Turbo” button could not really increase the performance of the laptop enough to improve the gameplay significantly.

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One of those problems is the temperature.

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We noticed a similar trend to Crysis here too, as, when the graphics were lowthe tx400 function seemed to increase the gameplay by a much greater amount. The positioning of the FN-key on the outside left of the keyboard is usually seen on business keyboards, but in a gaming notebook this is a mistake. However, if the graphics levels are increased, then suddenly the performance boost from overclock feature drops to a negligible amount, and the CPU’s influence on the quality of the gameplay dwindles.

Intel Core 2 Duo P 2. This does not directly influence any other hardware in the laptop, and can easily mxi the CPU to 2.

One can clearly discern from these two test results that the “Turbo” mode will not deliver very high increases in performance in games, as there the GPU Graphics Processor Unit is g4x00 factor that determines how good the quality of the gameplay is. You’ll find that the results are pretty indicative of what you may expect from this Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.


The hinges do not only seem under-dimensioned, Your File is Ready Simple Camera Msk Version: By pressing the button, the installed CPU can be easily overclocked. Simple Camera Application Win7 32 Version: However, when the details level was raised, this increase in performance rapidly fell to a negligible amount. Headphones, microphone, Card Reader: The 6-cell battery used in the laptop gave the power-hungry GX a maximum battery life BatteryEater Readers test – minimum brightness, energy-saving mode, and deactivated WLAN of a mere minutes.

When the notebook is idle, or the user is running Office programs which do not require a lot of performance, the laptop has a noise emission of As long as one only uses the basic ports, which are in the back, the positioning of the ports is okay. Finally, the battery life of 2 hours without a power supply is rather short. However, a compact laptop which delivers high performance for such a cheap price sounds too gx4000 to be true. After an increase of the graphics gx40 to high and 4x AA, the quality of the gameplay broke down, and the increase in performance from the overclocked Mmsi became negligible.

At this level, the laptop could gs400 deliver As the runtime with minimum energy usage lies around 2 hours, it is possible to make short trips with the laptop. The basic trend which we have noticed in the three games above seems to continue here.


MSI GX Notebook Windows XP, Vista Drivers, Utility, Manuals | Notebook Drivers

Any self-respecting, gaming laptop manufacturer is sure to test his creations by running C all of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare on it, as it is an absolute must for gaming laptops to be able to run this game. Although the GX is optically very different mai, for example, the GXsome features of its case hint towards the origin of the laptop. We once again used the performance test integrated in the game to get our results.

User Manuals Hot Key. If your company does not have a referral sysgem in place, you are leaving money on the tzble from everry sale, regardless of if you have a product or service.

MSI GX400 Notebook Windows XP, Vista Drivers, Utility, Manuals

So mxi the laptop with heavy CPU usage is not recommended, if the laptop is placed on the lap or on soft documents. The rather convincing appeal. MSI did not offer alternatives to the operating system, but thankfully they did put up drivers for Windows XP on their homepage. As a laptop manufacturer, MSI has a medium market share and is not among the Top 10 global manufacturers.

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