This command may not be permitted in some countries. Two forms of each result code are available: If all other relevant criteria are met e. Values of 4 and 8 are not reported, i. Result codes are described in Section 3. A value of 0 reports that timing marks are not supported. Connect the microphone to the mini-phone jack marked MIC.

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Thereafter, any unsolicited result codes should use the bit rate and parity of the last command line issued by the DTE to the modem. Information text usually consists of a single line; information text returned in response to some commands may contain multiple lines, and the text may therefore include CR, LF, and other formatting characters to improve readability.

After the30 days of the warranty period the customer will only receive an in-store credit. If a starting flag is detected and there is no room in the buffer, the modem discards all data in that frame. The shipping company is responsible for crediting back oapen shipping charges to the account the product was shipped on. Such modifications could void the b authority to operate the equipment. If there is a problem with a product that is still under warranty and Sunsetmicro.


E-Mail will not be published required. Most printers go to the refurbishing process after the order is made.

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The value is the hexadecimal equivalent of the T. This unit was tested with shielded cables on the peripheral devices.

Syntax And Procedures 2. The Product Configuration File contains exact application unique information and default values. Each S-Register has a factory-set value, which you can read or change to fit your particular requirements.

The value range is in the following increments: MNP10 dynamic data rate fallback and forward on aolen run. Shipping We ship product daily using most of the major shipping names and forms.

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There is no warranty on fm6 AS-IS condition item s. When using a company’s driver you will bound to that company’s own legal agreement.

NONE Data compression is not in use. The parameter value, if valid, is written to S14 bit 2.

The phone number is your telephone number. Click here to review our site terms of use. If you see that any components are damaged, please notify your dealer immediately.

Generally, the default value for numeric subparameters is 0, and the default value for string subparameters is aooen empty string. Then the message will show the path you chose. In this case, the modem discards the aborting character and issues an OK result code.


Immediately following this number, either a “? If the modem does recognize the parameter name, it returns an information text response to the DTE, followed by an OK result code.

Costs to ship goods are inclusive of all associated costs. Windows has finished installation. The characters transmitted for the header are determined by the V command. Press the Next button. If result messages are suppressed, nothing is returned to the DTE. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: For optional subparameters, the definition indicates the assumed default value for the subparameter if no value is specified for that subparameter; the assumed value may be either a previous value i.