So if I went this way and built a new computer, I wouldn’t need the MV8 right away, right? Now, with the knowledge that Ted has absconded with the cherries too, Mom picks up the apples and cherries at the same time, then goes to Sally’s room for the bananas, then back to the kitchen — saving one extra step as compared to the alphabetical sequence: Sign In Sign Up. Yes that is a great idea! Originally Posted by go4life.

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I may pick that up just because of the price I can’t seem to find it anyway for a price even compared to that and still go with the new build option. I went into the BIOS, ahcj no sign of ahci.

But it can go under a different name though. Water cooling with TT Armor. Anyway, it’s foolish to not have one attached to your system. Last edited by a moderator: MRFSMay 15, I know I need a single rail psu but was just going to asks to find one thats a decent price.

It doesn’t have AHCI support. In the end, I asux to return the SSD since I spent 20x the amount of time saved, by trying to find a boot solution.

Mouse Logitech G G keyboard. The board that Ford Prefect suggested is great.


How do I change to ahci mode on a asus p5n-d motherboard?

Similarly, if track-to-track re-positioning can be performed instead of much wider sweeps e. For the MV8, you will be required to use the x16 slot of your mobo, since a x4 or greater is required.

Operating System Windows 10 Enterprise x64 ahcl. Log in or Sign up. I would not worry about the power draw ATM You can, of course, always try to boot the free version of unRAID and do some tests Thanks for the link.

Running an SSD on a non-AHCI mobo! Please advise…

Quote message in reply? Would run great for a boot or two boot to Windows from 63 to 24 secondsthen next boot could not find windows. A spare drive, precleared, is a good idea, too Maybe I can pick a cpu up and a computer store near me or if anyone can maybe suggest one at newegg that will do the job for p5n-x. Tablets Laptops and Netbooks Phones.

Running an SSD on a non-AHCI mobo! Please advise | The SSD Review and Technology X Forums

I’d go for the second, PCIe x1 based variant This looks better even an “overkill” with being DDR but technically it will work and is good ahxi a CPU upgrade later: So if I went this way and built a new computer, I wouldn’t need the MV8 right away, right?


It was not so long ago that I remember recommending an SSD for a net book because, even though top speeds could never be realized, the largest observable difference comes from the access times.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our p5n-c. I first tried using the MV8 in one of the PCIe slots that would normally be occupied by a video card and system wouldn’t boot.

Does p5n-d has ahci support ? – – An Overclocking Community

Benchmarking Software and Discussion Overclock. I guess I was thinking I would just get the MV8 so the system was ready to go ahcj when I get more hard drives and I would just have to add them.

Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the Overclock. So you have two options, where both actually come at the same price as it looks, see http: Finally, Mom returns to the kitchen. I’m new to unraid and I have been doing a ton of reading.