Also, the FSUS is no longer a hot new product, though it’s still a great scanner. This is an extremely sharp slide; the results come close to the potential of both scanners. If you have questions about the FSUS, you can contact me. Under the destination printer list, you can specify “Connected Printer,” or choose a resolution setting from the list. The appearance of scans should be more consistent with slides than with negatives.

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I found sample scans from an FS on the web and they were very impressive. I often do multiple manipulations of the image, and if each manipulation were done with 8 bit precision, significant image quality would be lost. Camera Connect Camera Connect.

CanoScan FS4000US

The mottling of the flower, absent in the Photosmart S20 scan, is apparently the film grain. The “High Res” preset sets resolution at 4, dpi dots fd4000us inch. No more trips to drop off film and pick up prints. The image on the right shows a portion of the chair, lightened considerably to show its detail. But it’s not dramatically sharper than a 13 x 19 inch print from the dpi scan, which is surprisingly good, perhaps due to excellent software. We will then give you instructions fs4000ys how to proceed.

Canon CanoScan FSUS – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

My scanner came with FilmGet FS 1. The horizontal location of a point defines the particular brightness value that’s being affected, while its vertical location defines the value it will be changed to when the curve is applied to the image.


May be some day, I will get hold on Elite Scan The text boxes beside each eyedropper allow you to type in a value, just be sure to hit the Tab key to make the change. With this Canoscan, there are one-fourth the number of visits by the user Without this play, I suppose it is possible that film manufactured just slightly wider than spec would be bowed in the holder.

Speedlite Flashes Speedlite Flashes.

On the other hand, it was well ahead of essentially all the12 bit scanners, and as such offers good performance for the money. Setting a point as the “black” point adjusts the black levels of all three color channels to be set to zero for that point. It’s a good idea to make these changes first and then perform the remaining brightness and color corrections in the adjustment tabs.

Create beautiful video and photo timelines. You can establish the paper size, display size the size of the image in proportion to the selected paper sizeand the destination printer. To accurately set focus, you’ll really need to do a maximum-resolution scan even if only of a portion of the frame after each focus change, to see the effects of the adjustment.


No detail was lost; FilmGet 1. The extra time required for standard and strong dust removal is almost the same, suggesting the same algorithm is used in each case but with slightly different parameters.

Self-service Portal Self-service Portal. The Color Matching option of the Settings menu automatically corrects any color differences between the scanner and the monitor in use. Full frame mirrorless with pioneering technology.

It is called from your image processing software and transfers the scanned image to the calling program.

These images are a portion of the “Bar du Fort Rabot” image above, taken in on Kodachrome Try it, see if you like it and register it if you do.

The first time I tried this, for some reason fs4000uus installed the Spanish language version. We’d have preferred to see the slider points facing upward, to make the adjustment point a little more clear. Click SettingsExposure Settings InstantExchange Service exchanges your Product with a replacement Product, which will normally be shipped the same day if your request for this service is by 3 p.

The scanner is operated from within Photoshop, allowing immediate adjustment or editing of the images as soon as they’re acquired.