For MIDI to work, the device has to be in advance mode. I plan on making EQ adjustments in software for different tones as needed. I notice Audacity does a crackle when loading a mp3 to native format. Now, not to hijack your thread, or anything, Fortunately , Alsa offers a variety of features and plugins , which emulate at software level the missing features. I haven’t plugged it in yet..

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linux-audio-user – Edirol UA Any issues?

Recording with Audacity sounding off? Front Left – Front Right Limits: Unfortunately these is no software control over the hardware mixers on the device like in any USB devicenothing will show up in mixer programs.

UA25 [UA], device 0: It is a fastidious task, but you can find very good articles that explains how to do it: Could use all recommendations on this. Check with the commande uname -r what’s the version of your kernel Fedora 13 ua-255 has ediro, 2. Lower latencies work but I get some xrun every now and then.

Thanks for your efforts, Aurelien, I’ll give it a go once I’ve figured out how! This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant.


The switch has three ua-255 Maybe I could just adjust the output on the preamp going into this… It looks like the UA has hardware level control of all of the inputs, but it is no longer sold. What is the next step if we want the patch to be included into ALSA?

The UA seems very similar, apart from having only two mic inputs rather than four, and being half the size: A good place to switch the Advance button is during the grub menu, if you are using grub, and if that fails, shut the computer off completely to switch the Advance button.

This is simple as that! Anyway I doubt you can get a greater bandwith with usb 1 at 24bit.

I just want to learn. If so, I can try to test anything. I’m relatively new to all this lower level stuff. Have not tried much else yet but its a good start.

Now just need to get rid of the hiss on the guitar track. Yes, at 48 kHz it would work. I don’t have one, but the process ought to be entirely analogous to that described in the preceding section.


I’ll have a look as edriol as I have some free time. I plan on making EQ adjustments in software for different tones as needed.

Edirol UA-25: Any issues?

To connect an external MIDI controller e. For MIDI to work, the device has to be in advance mode. I am on Fedora 8 since the etx driver is crap; literally: You always get somebody else who got the exact same error as you do!

Is there any way I can get this while still having the 8. Thats all I would ever need. I have not used the Rode NT1A in person, but in a video review it seemed to be a bit hot in comparison to other mics. Digital control is done using buttons on the front pane.