Do not discard the pins. Avoid damaging the insulation on the exit sensor and thermistor cables. The line voltage to the MFP must be within the following limits: After completing the repair, perform tests as needed to verify the repair. There may be an increased risk of electric shock and personal injury during disassembly and servicing of this product. Remove the operator panel assembly.

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ADF paper tray and extender. The print debug report prints. Unplug the fan from the controller card at J Maintaining The Mfp To remove the toner cartridge: Front access cover removal 1.

Lexmark X and Xn MFP XXX Service Manual |

To print a T30 log perform the following steps: Replace fuser with the correct fuser. Connect the wrist band to the system ground point. Laser notice The printer is certified in the U.

Reconnect the phone line if needed. Reinstall it and recheck for condition. Press Stop to cancel the job being processed. Understanding Scan Options After you enter the shortcut number, the scanner will scan and send the document to the directory or application you specified.


A trailing edge was seen at the input sensor. Device does not power up after flashing firmware. Remove the right cover. If x340/x340n/c342n are worn, replace them.

Press to turn the setting on or off. The following diagrams show where the margins for letter and A4 paper need to line up on the flatbed or ADF to determine correct scanner registration.

Locate the two pins D on the left side of the MFP that attach the scanner unit to the printer base.

English Hereby, Lexmark International Inc. To disconnect the fuser power cables, slide the insulation B back to expose the connectors.

Lexmark X340 User Manual

Remove the lower right cover. Pull the plastic retaining tab back, place a flat blade screwdriver in the notch on the metal pin. There is no font card support. QLINK, using 27 rear cover 19 rear output slot x340/x340n/z342n rear paper exit 38 receiving a fax automatically 45 manually 46 recycling Lexmark products 70 redistributing toner 63 reducing an image 53 removing software 74 toner cartridge 61 reports fax activity Repair information XXX 3.


Enter a fax number, and then press Using the numeric keypad, press 1 for Yes if you have lexmak number, or 2 for No if you are finished.

The message changes to Not Ready. Installing a toner cartridge Never mix sccan types within a tray. Copy Defaults menu Use this Darkness Improve the readability of a copy by darkening a light document or lightening a dark document.


Use the ADF for multiple—page documents. Press the access button on the left side of the MFP, and open the front cover.

Inspect the transfer roll for signs of wear, damage, or contamination. To enable this setting, perform the following steps: