Intel Core iH, 4 cores, 2. Basically, it does what it is supposed to do – i. As can be seen in the image gallery above though, with almost everything turned right up to full, the game scored a super impressive The responses from Argos colleagues are accurate at the time of publishing. England and Wales company registration number

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I will ask Argos to amend their copy. Enter, therefore, the new Medion Erazer X Rise of the Tomb Raider is erazsr only an excellent game, but it is also delivers DirectX 12 compatibility and generally looks gorgeous. Mankind Divided Image 2 of 9. Rise of the Tomb Raider Image 7 of 8.

Basically, our take away from actually playing games on the X was very positive and it made us question whether the system could, once connected to a higher resolution monitor, push today’s titles out at an even higher resolution comfortably. However, that may not be a primary concern given the gaming laptop erazzer.

Sure the game doesn’t have the most technically complex engine, however, it looks good and very much relies on a smooth frame rate for the player to execute – literally! Burns once famously tried to do. Rise of the Tomb Raider Image 6 of 8.

It has good current generation hardware, a compact functional design, and – crucially – doesn’t cost the Earth.

Medion Erazer XMD – External Reviews

Check out the mwdion image gallery and below video for a taste of the results. Overall therefore, the Medion Erazer X should be a system that is, without doubt, worthy of your consideration if you are in the market for mid-tier gaming laptop.


On lesser cards we have seen a fps drop when DirectX 12 is enabled in this game, however, here on the X, it made zero gameplay difference, with the stealthy-shooty-cyberpunk action of Deus Ex remaining super fast and lag free. Mankind Divided Image 9 mdeion 9.

Medion Erazer X6805-MD61085

Is LG really lining up a revolutionary new scaled-down gaming PC As is quite obvious from the system’s specifications see above boxoutMedion has very much prioritised top internal hardware over standout chassis and screen quality, or extended features on this machine, which is obviously to keep the price low. We ran some encoding runs, converting Ghost in the Shell from one format to another, and were very pleased with the results.

We were unsure about the design from certain angles, however, from others it seemed on the money. Our products are developed in conjunction with the leading international gaming clan SK Gaming ensuring we deliver the best products for gamers!

She is the guardian of science. We strive to always offer the top performance products at reasonable prices! Mankind Divided Image 1 of 9. Hi there, It is gb.

MEDIONĀ® ERAZERĀ® – The Ultimate Gaming Experience

Medion Erazer X specs Display: T3 Verdict Compact and packing impressive gaming performance, wrazer Medion Erazer X is simply good value for money. I can confirm that the P includes a webcam.


Same Day Delivery Order by 6pm. Apart from feeling solid under finger, the On the one hand there’s nothing particularly stand-out about the Erazer X Our Laptops are put through stringent testing including, strict mechanical tests and technological evaluation ensuring rrazer and longevity.

We work tirelessly to provide great new products as well as the best customer support possible.

Medion Erazer X review: will this compact gaming laptop erase the competition? | T3

Extending down from the top right speaker is an imprinted extension of jedion honeycomb lattice pattern, which juts out at a jaunty angle toward the keyboard’s numpad, and embedded within that is the system’s small circular power button. Bigger bezels make for a larger footprint. The first thing we noticed about Medion Erazer X was its flared rear speaker arches, which have a honeycomb lattice inner cover with grid surround.

The system’s casing is matt black, plastic and – surprisingly – pleasingly robust, with no bend under gentle pressure and a solid weight that mesion premium and not budget. We experienced no lag whatsoever, even when explosions and particle effects started to get thrown about.